Volunteer Central Committee


Volunteer Central is an informational Hub of The Community Festival.  During the event our workers provide everything from how to find your favorite stage, when your band is playing, where to get a program, how to find your favorite street fair vendor, or where the best food is at.

The Volunteer Central committee serves as a central communication point for all the other committees within the ComFest organization.  We gather recruitment and placement suggestions, we help assure that pre-festival administrative work is completed.  We even help the other committees meet their administrative requirements when staffing runs short.  Volunteer Central is almost like a virtual Office Assistant, throughout the year, as necessary.

The members of Volunteer Central wear many hats throughout the planning process.  Early in the Spring we are busy working with the Volunteer Recruitment Committee.  Late Spring we get busy assisting with entering volunteers into the database for position assignment and confirmations, sending out sign-up reminders and confirmations, copying and collating informational materials for various event participants and whatever else that may be needed to be prepared for that wonderful last weekend of June!! 

This the location for finding the perfect fit for your volunteer hours, when you're ready to give back to the festival.  If you enjoy assisting folks, have special office associate experience, can write letters, are willing/able to run errands, have time to collate and staple, are comfortable with data entry and/or running reports.  Volunteer Central just may be the place for you to get comfortable and involved.  You don't need to be a secretary.  You simply just need to have a love for working with people, talking to folks, being happy.  We are that and more all rolled into one -- with plenty of creative room to grow.

Take your experience that "one step further" and come see what we have going on this year!

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Prior to the festival V.C. is hard at work gathering volunteers for all the festival needs, answering their questions and making sure applications are filled out.  We always need folks to help attend various other events around town, to recruit new volunteers and gather interest.

During the event, we help lost volunteers find their assigned locations, advise them where our greatest need for workers are, and help folks just have a great time.  But don't fear, we like to have fun too!  Blow bubbles, play with sidewalk chalk, twirl with pinwheels, smile or help someone find answers.  It all happens at the V.C. booth.

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If you love ComFest, you love people, and you like to have fun...then Volunteer Central just may be the place for you.

Working at Volunteer Central takes no special skills.  This is also the location for finding the perfect fit for your volunteer hours, when you're ready to give back to the festival and take your experience that "one step further."   If you like to talk to folks, give directions and answer general questions about your favorite Columbus event -- Volunteer Central just may be for you.