Wine Committee


The wine booths work to enable Comfest to continue without the use of corporate support.  These and other efforts enable Comfest to carry on its tradition of giving back to the community through grants and efforts to assist programs that provide community needs.

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For Comfesters who prefer wine, we offer a variety of wines for varied tastes, both reds and whites, at moderate prices.  Our wines are mainly organic and come from the Ohio Region.  Wine volunteers are encouraged to attend the trainings given every year a few weeks before Comfest.  These are important because laws change and the continued existence of Comfest depends on observing these requirements in order to maintain the beer/wine license.  Trainings are generally held in the distributors' training center, close to Goodale Park, and cover subjects such as checking IDs and other legal requirements.



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If you like what you see, join us!  Become a volunteer.