KiDS ART Committee


ComFest is for people of all ages to enjoy and experience. Each year a dedicated group of volunteers create an area where kids rule. KiDSART is a festival within the festival. It becomes an exciting environment where  kids shop around for their favorite activities, stake out a space of their own, and gather the needed supplies for their activities.

A visitor to the KiDSART area will find face painting, t-shirt designing and various craft activities. Kids can make their own music and sometimes make their own musical instruments. A wonderful project reusing plastic bottle tops engages kids in the creation of colorful collages.

It's not the glitter and glue, but the kids themselves that make KiDSART such a special place at ComFest. They inherently know what it takes to make KiDSART (and the world?) run smoothly. Kids patiently take turns, share the supplies, cooperate on group projects, share ideas with each other, make new friends, find the fun and clean up their area before leaving.

KiDSART is open from noon to 6;00 pm Saturday and Sunday.

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KiDSART area will be open Friday this year

as well as Saturday and Sunday

with great activities for kids and their parents

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