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Community Festival Street Fair of Dreams - The Crossroads of Community!

225 various types of Community Organizational and Vendor Booths, 25 Community Food Vendors and 12 Commercial Food Trailers combine to make the Community Festival Street Fair one of the most diverse and interesting Arts events in Ohio. Volunteer opportunities, Community Organization and Vendor applications and rules can be found on this site. Please take your time and explore the information. Click on buttons to the left - check out all subheads. 

Community Festival Street Fair is a true Street Of Dreams filled with talented artists and craftspeople, community organizations that advocate diverse causes, local businesses and voter registration. The street buzzes with excitement and is filled with smiles throughout the event.


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The Street Fair component of Community Festival is a wonderful and FUN way to become involved with ComFest.  There are great jobs to do and a fabulous group of people to work with.

Jobs include: administrative work from January to May getting applications up on the web, answering questions from vendors,  serving on the Jury, helping with lay out.

For the Street Fair Committee the event work begins on the Weds. before Community Festival (4PM till it's done) with the marking of the spaces in the park and on the street.  Thurs. afternoon Community Food vendors come in and need assistance - Thurs. evening the general vendors begin to come in (3PM till 8PM) and there is a need for walkers to get them to their spaces. Friday morning at 8:30 AM the rest of the vendors come in and it is a mad scurry to get them in, to their places and their vehicles back out again before noon. During the day, a crew works to insure that un-registered vendors do not find their way in to the event and answer questions for vendors and the public.

Each evening the vendors are allowed to come back in and haul things out or re-supply their booths which means a whole new crew is needed to assist the vendors with that task (11PM to 1AM).

On Sunday evening the tear down of the Street Fair is a huge job. Vendors are allowed to come into the event to begin to tear down by 10PM. People to assist, walk the cars in and out and answer questions are needed

Yes - yes you get those treasured ComFest t-shirts (that you can only get by being a volunteer) and chips that can buy beverages and food. Keep in mind, Street Fair always wears the brightest color (so you can be seen on the street), funny hats and rhinestone tiaras. Flashy, indeed! Fun, you bet! As a Street Fair volunteer you become the FACE of ComFest to over 300 vendors and much of the public that visits the event. You are an ambassador of sorts.

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Street Fair Vendors:
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