Beer Committee


This is a job for trustworthy folks who understand that The Community Festival has survived, in no small part, through its beverage sales. This has allowed us to stay true to our Statement of Principle and to remain free of corporate sponsorship for all these years. (and into the future)

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We provide two identical training sessions on ID checking and other legal matters. Before the festival both training sessions will be held in the large meeting room at Superior Beverage.  The trainings are the same information offered on two different days for the convenience of volunteers.  All beer and wine booth volunteers who have not attended a training in the past three years should make an effort to attend one of the training sessions. ( to help keep ComFest out of deep do-doo and we mean DEEP DO-DOO).


Get Involved

As a cashier, you check IDs and exchange money for tokens and beer supplies.  As a bartender, you check IDs, take the tokens, and pour the beer. You understand that any free drinks and mugs you give away come out of ComFest's pocket, and that although the festival looks huge, it is weather dependent and can struggle to break even.
You understand that if beer or wine is furnished to a minor or if some violation occurs, you and ComFest could be in deep doo-doo. So now you can take the ComFest oath:  "I Love Community Festival and I want it to be here for my kids and grandkids, (or "my neighbor's kids and grandkids," if you don't have any).  I won't furnish beer to a minor or commit some other beer/wine permit no-no and I won't give away any beer!" Okay, so there's no official ComFest oath, but you get the point.  Who wants to be known as the person who ended the festival by costing us our beer/wine permit?

So if you think you can handle 4 hours of checking ID's and helping the festival pay for itself, please sign up for a shift and come have fun with us.


 Drinking beer during your shift is NO LONGER ALLOWED.  Letting our volunteers consume alcohol while they are working is too high of a legal liability. (You will still receive 1 token per volunteer hour)