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The Safety Committee facilitates a safe and fun environment for all attendees at ComFest. We are not bouncers or bullies.  Instead, Safety volunteers are the "event hosts," working to give help and solve problems in a friendly, positive manner.  The committee seeks level headed individuals dedicated to solving problems in a non-violent respectful manner.

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Safety volunteers at the barricades offer people entering the festival a Program Guide filled with lots of useful information and ComFest Rules. The barricade volunteers work with our Special Duty Columbus Police officers who oversee traffic at the entry points.

Safety Rovers mingle with the crowd and patrol different areas of ComFest looking for people needing help or information. A safety rover might encounter kids looking for lost parents or parents looking for lost kids. People also may have lost or found various items from keys to musical instruments. To reunite people with people or things volunteers direct folks to the Safety Base Station at the North end of the Residence House in the middle of Goodale Park.

Volunteers working the base station assist the Base Station Supervisor, including helping with the shift change process, incident logging, and dealing with walk-up issues, including reports of lost persons.

Safety volunteers remind people of ComFest rules such as NO BYOB and no glass. People entering ComFest riding a bicycle, scooter or skateboard are asked to walk it through the park to keep both them and others safe.

Safety volunteers maintain contact with the Base Station, which helps monitor the activity of folks working their shifts. Base helps answer questions and refer questions to other committees.

If you would like more information on being a Safety volunteer, download our Safety Volunteer Guide:

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If you are a friendly person with a positive attitude who likes to help others, we'd love for you to become a Safety volunteer.  Click here to sign up today!

Safety needs volunteers! Our 4 to 8 PM and 8 PM to Midnight shifts have openings. Sign up today.

Safety Training sessions for 2017: Saturday, June 17 3PM or Monday, June 19 6:30 PM. All training sessions will be held in Goodale Park. Meet on the West side of the Shelter House.

If this is your first year volunteering with Safety, it is imperative you attend a training session.  The sessions are exactly the same, simply pick the one that fits your schedule.

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